2010年5月11日 星期二

Fans burst into tears at 4minute's first live eve

With a name meaning that they will capture the hearts of the world in under 4 minutes, it's the the Korean girl group, 4minute! The girls, who debuted in Japan on May 5th with their single "Muzik" held their debut solo Japanese live performance on the 8th at Zepp Tokyo.

When their powerful performance of "FOR MUZIK" and "Muzik (Original Version)" began in front of the packed audience, the voltage of the concert hall suddenly exploded into a high climax. MC Jihyun said, "I am nervous about this being our first concert in Japan, but I am thrilled. Because we have done various preparations, please enjoy it until the very end." Youngest member Sohyun also addressed the audience, saying, "Because we'd like to create a good show for all of you, please enjoy our show," causing the audience to get worked into a frenzy.

Later, each member performed a solo on stage, with HyunAh performing her debut solo single, "Change" for the first time in Japan, and Gayoon performed a graceful cover of Nakashima Mika's "Yuki no Hana." Last, the girls put on an encore after much audience request, performing "Hot Issue" and "Muzik (Japanese Version)".

After the end of the concert, a handshake event was held for CD purchasers, and deeply moved, crying fans came one by one. They received overwhelming support at the event from girls from age 10 to mid 20s, proof of 4minute's extreme charisma. We will be watching these girls, whose big break in 2010 seems inevitable!