2010年5月20日 星期四

HyunAh Reunites With the Wonder Girls

They were busy with their own careers and what was left were the memories they all had. Now 4Minute's HyunAh has reunited with Wonder Girls.

Former Wonder Girls member Kim HyunAh warmly embraced her Wonder Girls family backstage of Mnet M! Countdown. Wonder Girls who were back in Korea for their 『2 Different Tears』 promotions have come across 4Minute's HyunAh who is also busy with her groups mini-album comeback.

During the show, the girls cheered for each other as they had their turn on stage. The 『Change』 singer gleefully shared her excitement on meeting the Wonder Girls – the group she once belonged to.

「I am happy that we see each other again. We are doing promotions around the same time, this feels really good. I hope Wonder Girls and 4Minute will become better together. Let's maintain a good relationship and stay in touch」

Aw, how sweet of her.

Let's cruise down to memory lane shall we? Below is the music video of Wonder Girls' Tell Me with HyunAh, her last activity as a Wonder Girl before leaving the group. Enjoy!