2010年5月20日 星期四

Goo Hara Stripped Off Her Pants In Front of The Camera!

Goo Hara from the idol group, Kara stripped off her pants in front of the camera without realizing it! What had happened actually?

During the broadcasting of KBS2TV-「Happy Together,」 Goo Haa decided to perform Lee Hyori』s U-Go-Girl to show her gratitude for Rain and Lee Hyori's performance in the show.

While busy changing into her costume, MC Park MiSeon compared Rain's bulky arms and Goo Hara's slim legs. Goo Hara shocked the guests when out of a sudden she took off her short pants in front of everyone!

Luckily she had hotpants inside! Goo Hara did a spontaneous action without giving prior notice to anyone and it left a huge shock to them.

Only after a few seconds, Goo Hara did realize that her action was a bit ridiculous to be shown nationwide. Startled for a while, she could not hide her feeling of embarrassment.Nevertheless, she 『made up』 her mistake by performing U-Go-Girl perfectly.

Undeniably, Goo Hara is sometimes so clumsy but that is what that makes her so adorable!