2010年5月11日 星期二

Did the Appearances of Other Idol Stars Raise Family Outing's Poor Ratings?

In the recent broadcast of 『Family Outing 2』 , the best friends of the family members were invited, which seemed to help the show finally manage to find the laughter it has been lacking.

On the recent broadcast of SBS Entertainment Program Family Outing 2 on the 9th, as a 『Best Friends Special』 the best friends of each of the family members participated.

SNSD's YoonA invited Super Junior's Kim HeeChul, Kim WonHee invited Gil who are both in the cast for MBC 『Come Play』, Yoon SanHyun invited Kim KwangKyu who is currently acting with Super Junior's Siwon in Oh! My Ladyin ' together, Ji SangRyul invited Noh SaYeon who is DJing a radio program with him, TaecYeon invited SNSD's Tiffany, Jo Kwon invited 2PM's JunHo, and Shin BongSun invited Jang DongMin.

Meanwhile, Kim HeeChul who was exceptionally active and comical during the Best Friends Special will be joining the family as the 8th member. FO2 will continue to invite various guests to the show.

The Wonder Girls,who are working in the US, are scheduled to appear soon and the show is being highly anticipated.

Can Family Outing 2 survive now? Let's hope so.