2010年5月11日 星期二

4Minute's Concert in Japan is a Success

Ever since the start of this year, the ladies of 4Minute have been all over Asia! 4Minute recently heated things up during their concert in Japan.

In Jepp Tokyo, Odiaba, the girls held their first solo concert called LIVE Energy Vol.1 MUZIK. The group performed to an audience of 4000.

As a group, 4Minute performed their hit songs Hot Issue, Muzik, and What a Girl Wants. 4Minute also performed the Japanese version of Muzik which was released earlier this month.

Along with performing as a group, each member was also able to show off their individual talents. Sohyun's performed G-Slide by Lil Mama and Jihyun caught the audience's attention during her dance to Get Me Bodied by Beyonce. To the fans' delight, Hyunah performed her solo song, Change, which was released in the beginning of this year. Jihoon sung and danced to Rihanna's Umbrella, stunning the fans. In addition, main vocalist Gayoon received a lot of love by singing Mika Nakashima's Snow Flower in both Japanese and Korean, displaying her excellent language skills.

Cube Entertainment said, 「In Japan, people around 10-20 years old have become major fans of 4Minute」 and 「Different to Japanese girl groups, I think they are doing well because they have charisma and a powerful image」.

Before the concert, 4Minute also held around 50 press conferences for broadcast stations like Asahi TV, TBS, and NTV. They are currently garnering lots of interest from those in Japan.

Wishing the best of luck for 4Minute in Japan!