2010年5月17日 星期一

Yoona Wants to be Close to SunYe

2AM's Jokwon and Wonder Girls' Sunye have constantly expressed their close relationship, as they trained together under JYP Entertainment for nearly 6 years.

On the latest episode of SBS' Family Outing 2, Jokwon called his close friend, Sunye, asking her to get there within four hours. Unfortunately, Sunye was in the United States so she wasn't able to fulfill Jokwon's request.

Wonder Girls and SNSD have been known as rival groups, as they debuted around the same time in 2007 and were both have received much success in the Kpop market. Yoona had a chance to talk to Sunye, and requested for the two to become closer. After giving her greetings, Yoona said, 「We're in the same grade,」 to which Sunye answered, 「Yes, I haven't been able to go to school.」 Yoona sweetly replied, 「I'd like us to become close when you come to Korea. I really wish we can become close.」

Watch the clip of the girls' blossoming friendship below: