2010年5月1日 星期六

Wonder Girls vs. 4Minute Overseas Battle

Nation's representing Idol Girl Groups Wonder Girls and 4minute have started their overseas activities around the same time in Japan and the US. They have been gathering lots of attention and they are in activities overseas. 

First, 4Minute presents their single album on the 5th of May in Japan. For 4Minutes debut in Japan, singles 'Hot Issue' and 'MUZIK' will be released. They are also preparing for their first solo concert on the 8th or May in the Jeff Odaiba in Japan. 

Until now, boy groups such as DBSK, SS501 etc.. have been promoting in Japan and had huge success but we are worried how Girl Groups will do in Japan, people think that it won't be that successful. But, in Japan, there are already 4Minute fans, so the promotions will still take place and that the promotions will be successful. Universal Studio Companies are supporting Japan, so that's why there might be another reason for being successful. 

Wonder Girls will be releasing a new album on the 16th of May simultaneously around the world including the US. They will start a tour for their album promotions starting with their first concert in Live Nation. The tour will be known as "Wonder World Tour".

The tour is scheduled around to go to 20 destinations in the US. Though this tour, they will be able to meet their fans again from the 4th to the 13th of June in 9 cities (Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Francisco). These dates have been all confirmed.

Wonder Girls' have just started their promotions. However, they have been the first asian artist to reach 76th on the Billboard singles. With the next album, they will make sure that they can attract more people as 'Pop Artits'