2010年5月1日 星期六

A total of 16 singers appeared for the first episode of Haha Mong Show!

Haha Mong Show's first broadcast episode had a total of 16 singers present on their show.

The first show aired May 1, and a large number of popular singers greeted the viewers, about 16 idols kicked off the show, SNSD members Yuri, Hyo Yeon and Soo Young, Brown Eyed Girls all 4 members, SHINee's Key, MBLAQ's GO, KARA's Nicole and Hara, 2am's changmin, Jo Kwon, Seulong and Jinwoon, T-ara's Eunjung. A total of 16 members from 7 kpop group's appeared on the show.

Also on the first broadcast there were special guest members, Seungri and Daesung from Big Bang. Seungri and Daesung's hip hop song music video featuring brown eyed girls was also shown in the show, the song was written by seungri and daesung themselves. 

The massive idol group members who participated as guest's for the Haha Mong Show also had an honest talk sharing experiences and their relationships among each other. The idol's shared a lot of laughs and in its first broadcast, the show received over whelming response from viewers with the funny segments in the shows and interactions between the idols.

Meanwhile, the Haha Mong Show was originally supposed to start to be aired last May 10 but because of the naval sinking incident the show kept getting cancelled on broadcast.