2010年5月23日 星期日

T-ara JiYeon Twitter impersonator owns up and apologises to fans

A netizen who has been impersonating as T-ara member JiYeon on Twitter apologizes to fans.

Previously on 21st May, the netizen set up a new Twitter account and started tweeting to other Korean celebrities like Gil and Jo Kwon with comments like 「Hi, this is T-ara JiYeon. I have started using Twitter today.」

The netizen also posted up Tweets like, 「Today I went to the filming of 『GoSa 2′. I hate scary things. But the filming was fun.」

But just 2 hours into posting the tweet, the netizen personally posted up a tweet revealing that he/she is an impersonator. The netizen wrote, 「Sorry to all T-ara JiYeon fans. I am not T-ara JiYeon. I am an impersonate. I impersonated as JiYeon so as not to feel lonely. Really sorry. I also feel sorry towards JiYeon, as well as other celebrities, and I want to say sorry to fans once again. I will not do bad things like impersonating again. My greatest apology.」

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that a netizen has impersonated as a Korean celebrity on Twitter – earlier cases like Lee Hyori, Rain, SS501 Kim HyunJoong, 2PM TaecYeon etc has surfaced on the social network site.