2010年5月6日 星期四

Soyoung Denies Statements Proclaiming Her Comeback

We reported earlier that Afterschool's ex-member Soyoung will be coming back as a singer under Professional Entertainment, but it looks like that was just a hoax.

Although Professional Entertainment stated on the 3rd that they had signed a contract with her, Soyoung denied such statements the very next day. On May 4th, she signed onto her minihompy and wrote, 「As I was going home from school, I received a call. I found out that my name and an entertainment company's name were the most searched [terms on the internet] and that I had a contract that not even I had heard about.」

She then questioned the validity of such a statement, saying, 「At the moment, I am not signed under [any] entertainment company. Because I'm so busy with school, I don't have time to do anything else.」

Additionally, Soyoung wondered where such promises of her comeback could have sprouted from. She speculated and considered the possibility of 「a different Yoo Soyoung」 out there, thus explaining how such a mix-up could have occurred.

Such denials will certainly crush the feelings of many of her past fans, but no worries! It's always better to have your idol safe above all else, right?