2010年5月25日 星期二

SNSD Yuri's College Life

Girl group So Nyuh Shi Dae's (SNSD) Kwon Yuri looks as if she is having a blast in her college life. But, with a full time schedule as an idol and a college schedule, life cannot be easy for her. She probably needs at least a little bit of help to get her through the day. So, just who does she thank for helping out with her college life?

During a recent episode of SBS's Strong Heart, Yuri revealed that she was, 「enjoying college life.」 She went on to thank another idol star for helping her. But just who is that star? It is none other than Big Bang's maknae, Seungri!

Yuri and Seungri both attend ChungAng University, and according to Yuri, they are also studying in the same department. She went on to expose that, 「SeungRi's energetic personality helped him become close with people easily, and got used to the college environment fairly quickly.」

These revelations and more are part of the May 25th airing of Strong Heart. Don't forget to try and catch the show!