2010年5月13日 星期四

SNSD First Official Photo Book to be Released This Month!

If there's one thing that we've learned from seeing dozens of photos of SNSD, it is this: SNSD's first photo book was only a matter of time! Photos and more under the cut.

Finally, every Sone has been waiting for this opportunity. But wait, here's a catch, you won't get your hands on this photo book until May 31st. Check out the infos below:

Girls' Generation First Photo Book – 少女 (In Tokyo)

◇ Price: 44,000 won (around $40USD)
◇ Date: May 31, 2010
◇ Production and Label: SM Entertainment
◇ Contents:

1. Pictorial (Photo Book)
- Theme: Tokyo (東京 / Tokyo)
- Size: 235 * 330 mm
- Long Life: 354 pages (including cover)

2. Special Gift (DVD)
- 1 hour 9 minutes long (Running Time: 1hour 9min) / All Code / English Subtitles (Subtitle in English)

A photo book with a bonus DVD?! That's one thing you surely don't want to miss! You can pre-order the photo book HERE or at YESASIA. As of now, the girls have teased us with 3 brand new photos. Check them out: