2010年5月14日 星期五

SM Spreads Hope Amongst Invincible Youth Fans

Whilst rumors were laid to rest after official confirmation by the KBS Invincible Youth team that SNSD's Sunny, Yuri and 4minute's HyunA would be leaving the show, SM Entertainment has announced that that is not the case.

A representative of SNSD's company, SM Entertainment, has commented, 「We haven't heard a definite answer from their production staff on Sunny and Yuri's resignation and involvement on Invincible Youth,」 confirming that their exit from the show is currently in limbo.

The staff from Invincible Youth gave similar answers, saying, 「We can't give a definite answer on Sunny and Yuri's involvement, nor can we do that for any other current member of Invincible Youth. It may be our call, but we haven't made a decision as of yet.」

The Invincible Youth staff had mentioned earlier that, 「We're currently trying to add one or two new members to the show in order to give it a new feel from the current format of Invincible Youth. We are trying to change the format, but we're not creating a Season 2. While maintaining the current concept, we'll reorganize the show by adding new members.」

Although both SM and the production crew denied it, there's a very high chance of Sunny, Yuri, and HyunA leaving the show in order to promote their own respective groups throughout Asia.