2010年5月24日 星期一

SeeYa and T-ara for 『Coffee House』 OST

SeeYa's Boram, T-ara's HyoMin and JiYeon are the next to sing for the 『Coffee House』 OST!

The trio showed their support to their colleague, T-ara』s EunJung, who is one of the main casts of the drama by participating in the OST project.

The title for the OST will be 『Coffee Over Milk』 and will be used as EunJung』s theme song, which gives a fresh, upbeat, and lovely feeling. The song is expected to be released on May 25th on the music portal site Melon.

『Coffee House』 drama is a new series on SBS, replacing 『Oh My Lady』. The drama features Kang JiHwan, Park SiYeon, Han EunJung, and Jung WoongIn as the main casts. Airing every Monday and Tuesday, the first two episodes provided a hilarious vibe to the viewers and hence, garnered attention. The first episode received 10% viewer ratings, showing a favorable start.

Other song from the drama are 『I'll Smile』 Jo SungMo:

Page One by SG Wannabe and Ock JuHyun feat. T-ara Eunjung:

Since the tracks above are pretty good, hopefully the new OST from Boram, HyoMin andJiYeon will also be a hit. For those who are interested in romantic comedy genre dramas, don't forget to check out the 『Coffee House』 drama!