2010年5月18日 星期二

Sandara Park Without Makeup Had Fun Shopping in Myungdong

Have anyone of you seen someone who looks like Sandara Park, the member of 2NE1 at Myungdong? Guess what? If it happened to be on May 16th, the girl was the real Sandara Park!

Sandara Park, known as Dara, revealed some cute pictures of her having fun shopping in Myungdong via her personal me2day page. She wore no makeup and went to Myundong to do her weekend shopping freely.

With the three uploaded cute pictures, she also wrote funny and cute captions.

For the first picture, Sandara wrote, 「Today I had a self-apple hair style but it only looks pretty if you look from afar」.

For the second picture she wrote, 「I came here to buy some cosmetics when I saw this girl who looked exactly like me! You're pretty good looking」.

For the final picture Sandara wrote, 「There are so many people here at Myungdong, but no one recognizes me. I guess that means I'll be able to look around some more」. In this picture, Sandara is seen among many people in a popular part of downtown Myungdong. While holding a shopping bag in each hand, Sandara is seen with a big smile on her face.

Netizens posted hundreds of comments regarding her adorable pictures such as, 「Yesterday, as I was walking down exit number 5 at Myungdong, I saw Sandara Park. She had such a small face. Although she wore no makeup, she was truly beautiful」.

Sandara Park is one of most active celebrities to update fans with photos. Her pictures are usually cute, funny and sometimes dorky that makes fans feel nearer to her. This time if you happened to see someone who looks like Sandara Park with a bare face, make sure to approach her and take a picture together!