2010年5月8日 星期六

Rain Encourages f(x)

On May 7, 2010 during KBS 2TV Music Bank, f(x) came back with their new song 『NU ABO』. On that day, while the members of f(x) were in the recreation room, they took a photo with none other than Rain!

Victoria updated a photo of f(x) and Rain via me2DAY on May 8 with captions: 「I'm Victoria~ We're very excited with our first performance with NU ABO. Today we'll try more^^Follow it up too.」

She added 「This is a long time, we're very glad to have an interview with senior Rain who encouraged us. Thank you. And we'll work more ^_=V」

Victoria has been known to be close to Rain since before her debut in f(x). At that time, she had also filmed a Samsung mobile phone CF with Rain in China. Today, Rain gave his album CD and signature to f(x) too, showing a good relationship between the senior and juniors of the KPOP industry.

It's great to see artists who have debuted first give the next generation of KPOP artists some encouragement.