2010年5月17日 星期一

Photos of SNSD's Seohyun in University Revealed

There's been a buzz throughout the internet as pictures have surfaced of SNSD's maknae, Seohyun, attending university!

Seohyun is currently a theater major at Dongkook University as a member of the Class of 2010 (in Korea, your class year is the year you enter school), and a classmate released these pictures. The original netizen who posted these pictures wrote, 「She's been working hard in school… I've gathered some pictures of her during her time at university.」 In the pictures, you can see Seohyun carrying her lunch tray, studying in class, signing autographs, and taking pictures with some a fan.

Netizens commented, 「Her beauty shines wherever she is,」 and, 「It looks like Seohyun's gonna work 'til she drops.」

I don't know how she gets her work done, though. It looks like her fans can't tell whether they're at a fan signing or at university!