2010年5月11日 星期二

'NU ABO' f(x) 'Cheek Touch Dance' isn't a gongjoobyung concept, it's showing our power.

Girl group f(x) has given an explanation about their 'Cheek Touch Dance' to us.

On the 4th, f(x) has revealed their 1st mini album, 'NU ABO' and had their comeback. f(x) has shown us their amazing fresh, live performance.

In their song, a particular dance move has caught the fans attention. The part of the dance when the members are 'looking' in a mirror and putting on their makeup, also known as 'Cheek Touch Dance' are gaining a lot of attention, as well as the part of the dance when they shake their arms and go 'Na na na' and lastly Victoria's splits.

Recently f(x) met with Newsen and explained their dance moves to us. Luna said, "There's a part in our dance when we are touching our cheek, that's the main dance in our song 'NU ABO'. It represents us looking in a mirror and putting on makeup."

When you think of a girl looking in the mirror and putting on makeup, you think about gongjoobyung but Krystal has stated the meaning behind this dance. "It's not really showing gongjoobyung, with the strong beat of the music it's supposed to show that 'this is us' and showing that we are majestic."

After listening to the explanation, we were able to feel the 5 member's majestic charms.

There also had been an incident while filming the music video. Sulli has stated, "There were many incidents showing that this song would be a hit. Victoria had to wear a lot of mirrors as a part of her costume, and later on it all broke."

Victoria has responded, "It wasn't when I was dancing, when I was just standing still the mirrors just fell off by itself. I was surprised but all the members were saying this song is going to be a hit."

Amber has also added, "I saw a black cat when we were filming the music video." and also "While we were dancing, there was this weird noise, even when we turned off the music!"

Maybe it's because of that but f(x)'s 'NU ABO' has topped many online music charts after their comeback, which showed that they had the potential to be the next SNSD. Their wish to get in 1st place in a music show might be fulfilled soon.