2010年5月8日 星期六

Music Core – May 8, 2010

After watching a whole lot of dashing performances yesterday, now is another day to catch a glimpse of your favorite K-Pop stars. Rain, HyoRi and 2PM are going to compete once more to earn the hearts of the audience of today's MBC Music Core. Also, witness the comeback stage of f(x) NU ABO, right here right now!

Soya n Sun 『Smiling Goodbye / 웃으며 안녕』

Jerry feat. T-ara HyoMin 『Going to Love / 사랑한다』

Secret 『Magic』

f女孩 『NU 예삐오(NU ABO)』

SNSD 『Run Devil Run』

BEAST 『Special』

Gummy / 거미 『There is no Love / 사랑은 없다 + Because of you + As a Man / 남자라서』

Rain 『Love Song / 널 붙잡을 노래』

2PM 『Without U』

After School 『뱅(BANG)!』

ZE:A 『All Day Long / 하루 종일』

Hyori 『Chitty Chitty Bang Bang』