2010年5月8日 星期六

Moon Geunyoung chosen as #1 acress to play Jay's sister

Actress Moon Geunyoung was chosen as the #1 best cast for Jaebum's comeback film, 'Hype Nation.'

Music major site monkey3 held an online survey that asked which actress would best fit the role as Jaebum's little sister. The survey was held from April 30th to May 6th and over 892 members participated.

The survey results put Moon Geunyoung at 1st place with 35% of the votes. Netizens reasoned, "She's already shown her amazing acting skills. She's the perfect role for a cute, bright younger sister."

Kara's Nicole also took 20% of the votes, coming in at 2nd place, because of her fluency in English.

Wonder Girls' Sohee came in at 19%, 2NE1's Dara took 12%, Minji took 9% and Goo Hyesun took 5%.