2010年5月11日 星期二

Local Elections Cyber Ambassadors are the Members of "Kara"

With the upcoming election on June, Kara became the local elections ambassadors.

The Central Election Administration Committee recently appointed Kara as the Cyber Ambassadors for the 5th Annual Nationwide Local Elections.

Kara recently got 3 1st places on 3 different broadcast stations and so being appointed promotional ambassadors of Central Election Administration Committee, they are becoming a group that represents korea's female groups

Central Election Administration Committee did not appointed them because of their fame. You need to have a public and clean image and must not have various of rumors.

According to the Central Election Administration Committee Promotional Official, said, "20(s) age voter turnouts are low right now, but Kara's bright and lively images will help upper young voters' voting turnouts."

Kara is a girl idol group and has 5 members, "Park Gyuri", "Han Seung Yeon", "Nicole", "Gu Hara" and "Kang Ji Young". You could watch their activities on Central Election Administration Committee Election Promotion website on ( and at Naver Promotional Section (