2010年5月6日 星期四

Kangta and f(x) Become Ambassadors for World Citizen Day

Singer Kangta and girl group f(x) were recently chosen to become ambassadors for World Citizen Day!

World Citizen Day is a day dedicated to interactions between citizens and foreigners. In efforts to create unity among all, World Citizen Day hopes to connect people of all nationalities together and create harmonious friendships.

f(x), being a highly diverse group, was the perfect choice to become model ambassadors. Leader Victoria is of Chinese descent, while Amber is Taiwanese and was born in America. Krystal, although of Korean descent, was also born in America.

At the World Citizen Day Walk Conference, Victoria spoke on behalf of the group and said, 「We are very thankful for this opportunity. We will work hard to spread the message of World Citizen Day.」