2010年5月8日 星期六

Junho receives love calls from After School

Girl group After School, currently earning popularity with their song 'Bang!' has opened a couple battle on Dream Team 2.

On KBS 2TV's 'Dream Team 2,' an episode aired on the 9th featured a 'couple dream team' consisting of Minho, Eunhyuk, Junho, Danny An, Ko Juwon, Chun Myunghoon and the members of After School.

The person with the highest number in their pedometer was able to choose a male member as their partner. The After School members danced in order to choose the male partner of their choice.

With their power dance and choreography, the man that the sexy girl group chose as their favorite was none other than 2PM's Lee Junho. Junho was unable to hide his happiness, stating, "I never thought a day like this would come for me."

Member Jooyeon chose Chun Myunghoon for the reason of, "He seems the most safe." However, she lost to Nana, who took first place, and lost her partner. Also, after Danny An showed off his personal talents, Gahee left Junho for Danny An. Jo Kuwon shouted, "We are rejecting you!" but was eventually chosen by Gahee in the second round much to Danny An's dismay.

Bekah also showed interest in Danny An's personal talent but eventually chose Junho. Eunhyuk was chosen by Reina.

The final couple dream team was Nana & Chun Myunghoon, Junho & Bekah, Jungah & Minho, Gahee & Ko Juwon, and Jooyeon & Danny An.

Lizzy and Uee were not present.