2010年5月6日 星期四

Jun Ji Hyun Becomes Independent

Top Star Jun Ji Hyun is going solo.

After having put her body, soul, and effort into her 13 year contract with Sidus HQ, it seems Jun Ji Hyun will be leaving the company.

Her contract with the company has reached its date of expiration, and rather than joining a new company, or founding her own company, Jun has decided she will become independent instead.

Sidus HQ is already aware of Jun』s decision, and are confirming the information she has given out. Also, it seems that plans have been made for Jun's manager to be solely responsible for her affairs.

An entertainment official commented on these recent events and also gave their suggestions, saying,「 Jun Ji Hyun has made the move to leave Sidus HQ , and is in the midst of preparations to become independent. Although it is still unsure what form of 『independence』 she will take, founding her company may be the way to go.」

In 2009, Jun Ji Hyun renewed her 1 year contract with Sidus HQ. Although a case involving Jun's cellphone being copied almost caused her to leave the company, she still went ahead and renewed the contract last year.

Jun Ji Hyun's decision to become independent has great implications and represents the separation of Sidus HQ's director Jung HoonTak and Jun JiHyun, who he excavated and helped reach her top star status.

Other entertainment officials have also stated that,「 The relationship between Jun Ji Hyun and director Jung Hoon Tak has already, unlike the past, drifted apart.」

Meanwhile, amongst her preparations, Jun Ji Hyun is currently filming for the movie,「 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan」 with Chinese actor Lee Bing Bing.