2010年5月23日 星期日

JoKwon and GaIn Share a Kiss?

After watching the preview for today's episode, fans were left wondering if JoKwon and GaIn shared a kiss. What really happened?

On this week's episode of We Got Married, it was Valentine's Day, so GaIn decided to surprise JoKwon. She put chocolate on her lips, deciding to give her husband a sweet chocolate kiss.

However, when GaIn attempted to kiss JoKwon on the cheeks, he wanted the kiss to be on the lips. JoKwon slyly tried to kiss GaIn on the lips and he would distract her from accomplishing her mission. Despite all this, GaIn was still able to succeed in her original plan!

Check out Gain's sweet victory in the screenshots below (along with JoKwon's reaction)!