2010年5月4日 星期二

Jiyeon sheds tears on SBS 'Strong Heart'!

On the May 4 episode of SBS 'Strong Heart', T-ara's maknae Jiyeon explained her hardships before debuting.

Prior to debuting, Jiyeon was a model and was popular for her good looks. Often she was compared to top actress Kim Tae-Hee and they'd often be reffered to as twins. Though many found that charming, it seemed to work against Jiyeon's way.

Jiyeon explains, "Near my debut in T-ara, I see alot of topics pointing me and Kim Tae-Hee looking alike. But I saw some very hateful comments. I didnt know why people left hateful comments for me. I was in such a shock that I couldnt believe it, I was sad for a long time."

Another interesting revelation was that Jiyeon was originally supposed to be the one doing Hyomin's sexy chair act in the performance for "Go Crazy because of You". But Jiyeon was so nervous of doing it that she and Hyomin changed positions.

Catch Jiyeon on the May 4th episode of SBS 'Strong Heart'.