2010年5月8日 星期六

Jealousy in KARA?

Is there really jealousy between KARA members? Apparently yes!

KARA's maknae, JiYoung, revealed earlier today on Mnet Radio of her jealousy towards her fellow group member, Hara. Just what is the reason behind this?

JiYoung states that, 「When we were promoting 『Mister』, we had to wear clothes that showed our bellies. Because of our outfits, I wouldn't eat before going on stage and felt very burdensome.」

JiYoung happened to be jealous of the fact that Hara does not seemed to gain weight at all, while she had to watched out for her diet a lot of times during Mister promotions. She then adds, 「but (Goo) Hara unni doesn't gain weight and did not have to go on a diet. I was jealous that she was able to eat anything without any worries」

Wow, and they called Hara fat? KARA fans should just shrugged off those accusations and JiYoung should rest assure that fans would accept her, no matter how she turns out to be.