2010年5月15日 星期六

Hyomin Greets Sunny a "Happy Birthday" on Cyworld

6-member girl group T-ara member Hyomin (22) greeted one of her best friends, Sunny of SNSD in her Minihompi today.

On the 15th, Hyomin wrote:

Sunkyu-ya (Sunny's real name, Lee Sunkyu), happy birthday! Sunny, Sunny, you're my forever sun!

On the 15th, Hyomin left a message on her Cyworld to leave a sincere greeting to one of her best friends, Sunny of SNSD on her birthday. The two girls' friendship grew deep as they participated in KBS2TV's real variety show Invincible Youth.

Hyomin's sincere message as a friend has gained lots of attention.