2010年5月12日 星期三

Gummy to hold a concert on May 22 and 23 for the 'AURA project'

CGV and Mnet Media joins hands and will be holding a concert called "The Aura Project" where tickets will be sold at affordable prices and will feature female musicians with Gummy as it's main attraction.

The Concert will be held from May 22 to May 23 at KAIST Seoul YeongDeungpo sponsored by CGV Cinema theaters. It has been 2 years since Gummy has been active and she recently released a new mini album, A lot of fans has been waiting for Gummy and the anticipation has heightened even more.

Gummy will be performing her new songs such as "As a man" and "There is no love" that has been topping various music charts such as Mnet Music Charts and one of the top female vocalits in Kpop.

This concert will guarantee fans and the public awesome performances and pulling of hit performances and will show 100% satisfaction to its audience who will be witnessing the spectacular concert.

AURA and Mnet are the production planning team and they have chosen Gummy because of her abilities and because she hasnt been active for two years and this will be the opportunity for her to communicate with her fans for their strong commitment. The concert will be held in CGV Hall professional theater's (CGV Art Hall) providing high satisfaction for fans.

After the concert was announced, the anticipation for fans to buy tickets immediately followed. Gummy's concert tickets were opened last May 7 and it was immediately sold out within a day surprising the producers of the concert. The producers of the show guarantee amazing performances the fans will never regret.