2010年5月2日 星期日

F(x) to Sing for an Animation Series

Idol group, f(x) will contribute their voice for the opening song for a Korean Japanese animation entitled 『Juloring Animal Detectives』.

This animation series runs with 50 episodes planned as a collaborative project between JM Animation from South Korea and SATERIGHT from Japan. The storyline is about 3 detective siblings who are able to transform into animals with a secret compact.

According to the management plan, most famous idols will likely be invited to do the dubbing for the second part of the animation series. The production is gaining attention when it was revealed that f(x) will be singing for the opening song, 『The Truth is (Shh!)』. Meanwhile, the singer for the ending song, 『Sour Sweet Fresh』 will be Jin Sollee.

『Juloring Animal Detectives』 will on air at 4.40 pm every Monday. So stay tuned for the exciting animation series if you are an anime fan!