2010年5月6日 星期四

f(x) reveals their life living together in their dorm!

Girl group f(x) has revealed the story behind their living together in their dorm.

On May 4, they were on SBS E!Tv and they told the story about their time spending together living in their dorm.

F(x) members said that Victoria was their mother and she is really a good mother too! They praised Victoria for her motherly skills, and also during their normal schedule she would make rice balls for them to eat when they are hungry~ they call it "victoria balls".

Also, Since Sulli is an MC in SBS Inkigayo they always see her practicing her acting and she would always drink in their car and acting as if she is filming a CF for a tea and the member's laughed at this story.

Meanwhile, the full episode will be aired on May 7 at 8:00 pm in SBS.