2010年5月5日 星期三

f(x) is starting to do an all-kill on online music charts with "NU ABO"

Girl group f(x) new title song "NU ABO" has been taking number 1 spots in various music sites from the day of release.

According to SM Entertainment, Since the release of the full song on the 3rd, f(x)'s "NU ABO" has been taking number 1 spots in online charts, it is No.1 in monkey 3, Bucks and melon. A lot of fans are giving high interest in their new song and it wont be long till it will take number 1 spots in all music charts.

f(x) will be releasing their music video for "NU ABO" on the 6th at 11:00 am in their official website ( and with the response from fans on their comeback, it goes to show their rising popularity in the music industry.

SM Said, "f(x) members has a funky, free-spirited look and powerful performance along with their colorful image that is sufficient to have a unique charm that only f(x) has"

Meanwhile, f(x) will be making their comeback on the 7th in Music Bank, 8th on Music Core and 9th on Inkigayo.