2010年5月11日 星期二

'Dongsaeng Group' f(x) thinks of the 'Unnie Group' SNSD as ?

The 5 member girl group, f(x), who recently made a comeback says that the artist that gets mentioned alot these days is the 9 member group, SNSD.

Both groups are working under the same company, SM Entertainment, one of the reason is because SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal are sisters. That is why they are called the 'Dongsaeng Group' since f(x) has debuted 2 years after SNSD.

Then what kind of group is SNSD to f(x)?

In a recent interview with Money Today StarNews, f(x)'s Sulli has stated, "I respect SNSD sunbaes and they always say good things to us so I'm thankful".

Luna also has said, "Although SNSD are a different kind of a singing group then us, to us they are like sisters we have known for a long time. They always give us help whenever we need it."

Krystal has said, "SNSD is a group you can't seperate from us. Although I wasn't able to see Jessica due to her promotions, a while back, she sent me a message saying 'I saw your teaser, I hope you do well.'" and "She said that she's going to buy our new album and not just one, 10 of them."

On the other hand, f(x) has debuted last year September and are recently topping many music chart after releasing their first mini album title track, 'NU ABO'.