2010年5月6日 星期四

Davichi's 『Innocence』 Unveiled!

Are you anticipating much for Davichi's comeback? Well, now the wait is over since on May 6th Davichi has finally revealed their latest mini album, Innocence!

The mini album, which is the product of a collaboration of Korea's best songwriters, has 5 new tracks to offer.

1. Time, Please Stop
2. First Kiss
3. Don't Leave
4. Can't Love, Can't End
5. Shadow

As reported before, the main track  『Time, Please Stop』 is composed by the famous Bang SiHyuk. It is a ballad song of painful separation but with a twist of punk rock. How can a sad ballad song be mixed up with energetic punk rock? It sounds like a weird combination but it is not impossible since Rain also managed to bring active dance in his ballad song. Curious? Well, let's listen to their impressive vocals in the track now.