2010年5月11日 星期二

Battle of Flexibility with Lee Joon and Victoria!

On the latest episode of Star Golden Bell, f(x) members were present as guest's for the show along with Brown Eyed Girls and MBLAQ.

On the show, Victoria showed off her flexibility skills by showing an impressive folder spine move where she literally folded her body in half like a folder. Her shocking skill impressed the other guest's on the show, because frankly, it's now what you see everyday.

Also, Lee Joon is known for his leg split's on Star Golden Bell and even took it up the notch the last time and puts his feet behind his neck. So after victoria showed her flexibility skills, the MC called in Lee Joon to show his skills. He did a flip over (despite some bandages spotted on his left hand) and impressed the guests as well.

Victoria and Lee Joon are good dancers before debut, If im not mistaken both are ballet dancers and can do gymnastics pretty well.