2010年5月4日 星期二

4Minute is Ready to Take on Japan with their Muzik

A couple days ago, a preview of 4Minute's new MV for the Japanese version of Muzik was revealed and today the full song has been released!

Muzik made it to the 6th position on the Oricon Ninki chart without even being completely released, but finally the song is out and 4Minute is set to take a bite out of the Japanese music market.

The Japanese version is, of course, as catchy as the original. Something I found really interesting is that Hyunah's rap is in Japanese and English while the majority of the artists that try to enter other markets, be it Japanese or Chinese, tend to do the rap part of their songs only in English. Two thumbs up for Hyunah there!

Wishing the 4Minute girls the best in Japan and their upcoming comeback in Korea!