2010年5月14日 星期五

4minute album jacket revealed and album release on May 19!

Ahead of their comeback, 4minute released the album jacket for their new album which is catching the attention of the public and fans. After the sexy pictorial of album concepts, the album jacket featured a new sexier and edgier image of 4monute showing intense charisma from the members.

Even the maknae of the group So Hyun shed her cute image for the first time and cut her long hair and lost 30 cm of length of her hair for 4minutes new album.

Also, Hyuna was admired for her sexy charisma that is like Hollywood star Megan's Fox. Netizens are already giving her the nickname of "Korean version of megan fox" and "Not Megan Fox, It's Megan Hyunah" showing strong response to their new image.

In the earlier pictorial Hyeona less than a Hollywood star Megan Fox has a wild charm balsanhan. And fans "not Megan Fox Megan Hyeona" said the other responses also indicate that.

Their official said that they have taken a radical transformation and on their comeback stage they will show a very powerful performance that will be flawless, he said with confidence.

Meanwhile, 4minuted are practicing hard for their comeback by third week of May and their album are speculated to be released on May 19.