2010年5月19日 星期三

2PM and After School- MTV 'Live Wow Special' to air on the 20th

2pm, AFter school... MTV 'Live Wow Special' will be aired on the 20th

2PM, After School, Secret, Min Kyung Hoon all popular singers met in one place.

Global music entertainment channel MTV went to Junlado Gwangju on the past 11th where 'Live Wow Special: Big Star Concert' took place and will be spread on the coming 20th at 7:30 on MTV.

Starting with 2PM, After School, Secret, F.cuz, DNA, and other idol stars, Min Kyung Hoon, YB, Na Yoon Kwon, Younha, Evan and other strong vocalists adding up to a total of 15 groups performing in one place for 60 minutes.

At Gwangju's 'Kim Dae Joong Convention Center' the 5000 seats were packed with Hong Roki, Secret's Sunhwa, Hyosung the MCs of this event, 2PM sang their new single song 'Without You' and hit song 'Heart Beat' with a showy finale, reeceivd a hot response from the citizens of Gwangju ending the concert successfully. You will be able to confirm this by watching MTV.